Saturday, 23 July 2011

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lust Have Of The Day: Alexandra McQueen 'Suede Ankle Boots'


Alexandra McQueen's plush fuchsia pink Suede Ankle Boots. Get yours here.

I Heart Music (Video): J Cole 'Work Out'

If like me you feel you've waited a life time for J Cole to finally drop his album, the 27th September- when he'll be releasing his debut album, 'Cole World: The Sideline Story'- couldn't arrive any sooner.

On that note, J Cole has finally emancipated visuals for his new single 'Work Out' and though I wasn't keen on the track at first, it has slowly grown on me and I still contend that his forthcoming album will be one of the best releases of this year.

Press play.

Work Out from Quake on Vimeo.

I Heart Music (Video): Cee Lo Performs 'Bright Light Bigger City' On David Letterman

Come rain or shine and seeing as I'm referring to the British weather,may be even a little snow, Cee-Lo's 'Bright Lights Bigger City' always puts a heart felt smile on my face. Judging by his latest live performance, David Letterman shares the same sentiment.

Check out Cee Lo and his amazing wind pipe below.

Thanks PBB!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I Heart Music (Video): Chris Brown Ft 9th Wonder & K-Mac

It's so refreshing to see mainstream artists collaborating with respected, albeit slightly underrated, producers and real music makers, especially when the artist in question is under the age of 25-it's almost as if they've done their homework and have earned themselves a golden star. 

Chris Brown has definitely dug deep over the last year, revealing to the world the many different facets of his talent as an entertainer ( remember this?); however teaming up with the beat guru  9th Wonder alongside K-Mac for  'Real Hip Hop Sh*t #4' was a little unexpected but a surprisingly good effort nonetheless.

Press play to listen to the track below.

I Heart Fashion: Armani Haute Couture 'Prive' Collection

Though I'm a little late (do forgive me) Fashion elites recently took center stage at the Haute Couture fashion week, held in  Paris a few weeks ago and I couldn't let another week pass without paying homage to my favourite collection of the Autumn 2011 high end fashion affair.

The Armani Prive range for me, symbolizes haute couture fashion at its finest -innovative, exquisite,sophisticated and dainty. That being said, Giorgio travelled far east for his latest collection, drawing inspiration from Japanese designs and spotlighting the devastating earthquake and Tsunami which savaged the country in March. 

Armani Prive displays delicate floralprints,soft sillohouettes,bold colours and well-defined shapes-giving us a heads up of what we should be adorning for the season ahead. 

Adore with caution!

I Heart Fashion (Video): Beyonce Graces The Front Cover Of Complex Magazine

Following the epic media swirl and television promotions of her then imminent album '4', Beyonce Knowles has since dominated the billboards with her double platinum selling ( like we didn't see that one coming right?) fourth solo album-rightfully stating her claim as the undisputed King B.

Still riding the waves of her media take over, Beyonce has assumed her position on the front cover of Complex Magazine's annual Style and Design August/September issue, stunningly captured by photographer Thierry Le Goues and oozing couture fashion which I'm highly in favor of.

Gosh, I love me some B!

Watch how the experts do it below.

Source: SoulCulture

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I Heart Freeness: The Hoxton Hotel's £1 Sale!

There's nothing I love seeing more than the conspicuous four letter word adorned on the windows of some of my favourite clothing stores. Yes, it's sale season and just when I damn near spent all my money in H&M thought I'd seen it all, one of London's most popular hotels is about the throw the biggest sale imaginable. 

Back by popular demand, the Hoxton Hotel will be releasing 500 rooms at a bargain of £1 for dates between 1st August-31st October. 
Due to the success of their last £1 extravaganza, it's no surprise that their rooms sold out in a matter of minutes with a further 350,000 people left out in the wind, so make sure you have your finger on the pulse tomorrow (7th July) at 12:00 noon!

God bless the humble sale.