Friday, 29 October 2010

I Heart Music (Event): Aesthetic Sound 'Live' Presents Glenn Lewis

If you're a true R and B fan, then you'll appreciate how much of a big deal this is. Courtesy of Aesthetic Sound 'Live', Glenn Lewis will be performing a live show here in London on Thursday 2nd December 2010 at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane.

Glenn has one of the most distinctive and seductive voices in  R and B and I for one, can't wait to see this guy in action!

For more information on the event, including ticket prices, click the following link.

I Heart Music (Audio): Rick Ross Ft Jah Cure And Movado-'Like I See it'

The 'Soun Gal' in me couldn't help but to post this track. Rick Ross teams up with Jamaican 'Don Gargons' Jah Cure and Movado on his new track 'Like I See It'. It is very rare to come across a Hip hop and Reggae collaboration that doesn't work, luckily for the trio this collaboration works nicely.

Check it out below.
Like I See It (Club Version Dirty) 

"Jamaica Stand Up"-I love it!

Listen, breathe and blaze up di fire!

Source: Pinboardblog

I Heart Music (News): J Cole Speaks On His Album And Wale Vs Kid kudi Dispute

Describing the current beef between Roc Nation affiliates, Wale and Kid Kudi as a "Let down", J Cole shared his view on the situation in an interview with DJ Funkmaster flex.

“From the outside looking it, I don’t know a lot about the situation, but it was a letdown,” Cole said. “You don’t wanna see that happen, especially with two artists who came up in the same era. But I think Wale handled it correctly, because everybody expected him to go crazy and black out with a Twitter rant.”

Briefly addressing the misconstrued beef between himself and rapper Jae Millz, Cole puts an end to the speculation that his so-called "diss" rap, during his previous radio visit to Funkmaster Flex, was directed towards Millz after the rapper made an unfavourable comment about who he thought should have made the cut for XXl Magazine's Freshmen 10' cover earlier this year.

In the interview J Cole also continues to keep his fans in suspense on his eagerly awaited debut album, stating "It could be in December; it could be in January I'm not sure."

In his own words, Cole admits "I don’t want to come out and do low numbers and just have my fans pleased. I want to reach the masses. That’s what we’re working on now.” I guess we'll have to sit and wait patiently.

Check out the interview in its entirety below.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Out And About: The Net Location Social Networking Party

Yesterday I attended the UK's graduate and young professionals networking party, hosted by The Net Location. The evening was filled with young professionals eager to network, socialise and shake a leg with like minded individuals at London's cosy Graphic Bar.

With special colour coded stickers to represent the many different professions in the room, it made what could have been a pretentious and uncomfortable evening, very relaxed and easy to rub shoulders with the right people. Oh and I guess the selection of R&B classics playing in the background helped a little too.

Here are a few snaps that I managed to capture from the evening. Excuse the poor picture quality, I promise I'll get a decent camera soon!

If you missed out on last nights festivities, fear not as the Net Location will be hosting the event each and every month.

I Heart Music (Video): Eva Longoria Raps For MTV EMA

Yes. I've been sleeping on this for a while but I haven't stop laughing since.

Eva, I never knew you had it in you!

Listen, breathe and laugh.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I Heart Fashion: The Obama Effect

It can't be easy being the back bone of the President of The United States, but Michelle Obama does it effortlessly and in style. According to the Independent, the first lady has managed to contribute £1.7 billion to the retail world just through the contents of her wardrobe.

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review discovered that the share price value of the 29 fashion labels that Mrs Obama wore between November 2008-December 2009 rocketed to an average of £8.84 million.That's one hell of a stylist!

If that isn't a boost to what is already a damaged economy, I don't know what is. Oh, and for all those that foolishly contest that Michelle isn't the most influential first lady to date-men lie, women lie, numbers don't. That's all.


I Heart Fashion: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

As the old saying goes, "diamonds are a girl's best friend" and whoever dares to challenge this is a fool. Simple.
The dazzling 24.7 Carat Pink diamond ring will be auctioned on 16th November at Geneva courtesy of Sothbeys and I envy the lucky woman who will be boasting the £24 million, emerald cut gem on her marital finger.

Another new addition to my Christmas wish list. Thank you, please!

I Heart Music (Video): Russell Simmons Speaks On Hip hop, Spirituality And Social Responsibility

Music mogul, Russell Simmons sat down for a chat with Wall Street Street Journal's Weekend Conversations and spoke on subjects close to his heart, including Hip hop, spirituality business and his approaching reality TV show.

It is both rare and commendable that a man of Russell's Simmons' mogul status can remain so humble with all that he has accomplished. So inspiring.

Listen, learn and learn some more.

I Heart Music (Video): Jennifer Hudson Ft Lupe Fiasco And Common-'We Can Do It Now'

When Chicago born music activists unite, it can only mean one thing, good music. Using the Season 3 of Gatorade REPLAY as their source of inspiration, Jennifer Hudson, Lupe Fiasco and Common have mustered a new track 'We Can Do It Now', the kind of message that will fit nicely with the US Mid term election which is fast approaching.

Check out a short commentary on the project from the stars and press play to hear the track.

01 We Can Do It Now 

Listen, breathe and enjoy!

Source: Pinboardblog

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I Heart Fashion: Janelle Monae Shapes Levi's History

Levi's has enlisted the help of Miss 'Tightrope',Janelle Monae to help raise awareness about their new online community, Shape What's To Come. Much like their recent Pendleton collaboration, Levi's definitely have their eye on the ball when it comes to merging their historic name with the influential voices of tomorrow and with Monae on side, they can not lose.

Janelle will also contribute to a live videocast which will be available to watch on November 3rd 2010 at 4pm ET-stay tuned to the blog for more on the recording in the next coming days.

For now, take a glimpse at the 'Arch Android' in action in her "Music As A Means To Unite" feature below.

Levi's is constantly upping the ante when it comes to their campaigns but now that they've got Janelle Monae on side, I'm definitely on board. Now where's my tuxedo?

I Heart Music: R.I.P Gregory Isaacs

October 25th 2010 witnessed the devastating death of Jamaican Reggae icon, Gregory Issacs. I grew up to the sound of Gregory blaring through my living room speaker box as my mum danced carelessly after a hard days work, singing his songs word for word. Mr Issacs released over 500 albums but was most known for his 1982 album 'Night Nurse', an album which would later earn him world recognition. Not only was he a sensational artist, he was a true reggae legend.

R.I.P Gregory Issacs.

Listen, breathe and learn

Monday, 25 October 2010

I Heart Fashion: Walking Proud In My Chelsea's

Autumn/Winter 2010 has accommodated some of the most hankering trends and throughout the next few weeks, I will be offering my two cents on the fashion must haves for this season.

First in line is the Chelsea boot, family to the 'boy friend' cut  trend which has witnessed the most little miss prissy transform into an androgynous mortal. Here are a few hand picked favourites of mine.

Asos Collection-£40.00
Kurt Geiger-£195

Urban Outfitters-£40.00

Fred Perry-£295

Fendi- £85.00

Kurt Geiger-£89.00

With so much variety, there's no doubt that I'll be walking proud in my Chelsea boots.

I Heart Fashion: HUBBA HUBBA! is a quirky little fashion website that I've only just stumbled upon. With all the the essential autumn colour accents to compliment this season's hottest trends, the website offers unique fashion items that will have you gravitating to the hub more often than your purse will oblige.

Adore with caution!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Culture Vulture (Film): Kanye West 'Run Away'

The word 'epic' is a word often misused and entangled in modern day colloquialism, regularly giving mediocrity more credibility than it arguably deserves. Therefore when using 'epic' to describe Kanye West's short film, 'Run Away', it comes as no exaggeration.

Kanye West is a genius and 'Run Away' is just an extension of his creativity. Starring model, Salita Ebanks as the phoenix the film is visually compelling and the ideology behind it speaks volumes about modern day culture. The sound track which gives us a snippet of what to expect from Kanye's highly anticipated album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy', is the perfect back drop to a stunning work of art.

Listen, breathe and learn.

'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' is out on 22/11/10

Friday, 22 October 2010

I Heart Music (Video): Nas Say's "It's Too Early" To Crown Rappers With The 'Best Of All Time' Title

It seems rather coincidental that after BET's top 20 list of the best rappers of the 20th century was released earlier this week, that rapper Nas should speak out against such an idea.

Rendering statements like "It's too early to tell, our kids will have to tell us who's the greatest", being the brave heart that he is, Nas has brought to the forefront an interesting debate that-amongst may other things, will leave us with a lot of food for thought.

Listen, breathe and learn.

I Heart Fashion: Levi's To Team Up With Pendleton

Denim Connoisseur Levi's Strauss is constantly creating innovative ideas to keep the iconic label fresh and forward thinking. The label's latest project  involves collaborating with wool legend, Pendleton to create a collection of Native American inspired jacquard prints. Fusing blue, gold and red as the inside interior for men's and women's jackets; the new collection marries two historic labels and produces an exciting new range, not to mention a new investment piece for my wardrobe.

Have a sneak peak at the collection below.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I Heart Fashion: Diesel's Risque Intimate F/W 2010 -2011 Campaign

For those of you that remember Diesel's 'BE STUPID' campaign throughout Spring/Summer 2010, you may be familar with a certain image of a young girl flashing her...erm.."assets "at a security camera, which was later condemned and banned  by the  UK Advertising Standards Authority.

With captivating slogans like " Smart have brains but stupid has the ball's", the aim of the campaign was to amuse their audience and hopefully bag even larger sales.

By the looks of things, their risque method worked and the brand is back with another cheeky campaign, 'Diesel Intimate F/W 2010' collection-a range of saucy underwear for men and women. Warning-the pictures below are not for the faint hearted but if you're a fan the occasional tongue in cheek musings, then this should be right up your street!

Diesel's 'Intimate F/W 2010' Collection

The UK Advertising Standards Authority must be speeding to the scene of the crime as I type. Ha!

I'll take a pair of the black lace knickers. Thank you, please!

I Heart Music (Video): Sagat 'Funk That'

Yesterday I brought you Nina Sky's version to Sagat's classic club hit 'Funk That' and today I bring you the original in all its glory. I won't lie to you, I had no idea this track existed until I was kindly schooled on it by a friend earlier today. Directed by Kurt and Bart in the streets of New York and taken from Sagat's LP 'The world According To Sagat', the video has 90's era written all over it.

Check out the video below.

Listen, breathe and dust off your click suit!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I Heart Music (News): Diggy Simmons And Willow Smith Strike A pose For The Future

Remember when I stated that Diggy Simmons was the future? Well apparently young Simmons is in agreement and he has brought along another million dollar baby, Willow Smith, to strike a pose with him.
Whether you like it or not, these kids will rule the world. Run for cover if you must.

Out And About: Mum Know's Best!

Today, after receiving some good news, mum kindly treated me to lunch. Just around the corner from our humble abode lies Brazas; a little Portuguese oasis, situated in the crux  of Brixton .

Think Nando's with more flair with home made deserts to die for! Get the picture? If not, check out the pictures below to aid your imagination.

Thanks Mum!

I Heart Music (Video): Nina Sky ' You Aint Got It (Funk That)

When I first decided to launch 'Musings Of A Brixton Girl', I made a firm commitment to blog about music (amongst other things) that I genuinely like and not what is trending on twitter. On that note, Nina Sky's new track 'You Aint Got it (Funk That)' had me deliberating on whether it tickled my fancy or not. The final verdict? I actually really like it.

The Funky house tinged track is taken off of their current LP 'The Other Side' and the baseline on the track is tempting me to proceed with the one finger skank. Oh Lawd!

Listen, breathe and let me see you bend down low!

I Heart Music (Video): Janelle Monae Performs 'BaBopByeYa With The Emory Symphony Orchestra

As promised...

Renouncing her usual uniformed tuxedo, Janelle opted for a floor length, elegant black dress for her performance, symbolising the icon that she is so deservingly becoming.

Listen, breathe and be enchanted.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I Heart Music ( News) : Janelle Monae Performs With The Emory Symphony Orchestra

The stunning Janelle Moane joined the Emory Symphony Orchestra for what I can only image was a breath taking performance at the Schwartz Centre for The Performing arts in Atlanta. Monae sang the symphonic adaptation of the regal 'BabopByeYa'-one of my favourite tracks taken off of her album 'The ArchAndroid'.

Take a look at some of the pictures below. Damn she's beautiful!

As soon as the audio version of her performance is available, the brixton girl will be posting it. Until then listen to the original and just as epic version of the track below.

Listen, breathe and soak in the regality.

I Heart Music: Diggy Simmons- 'I Am He'

Let me just start by saying, Diggy Simmons is the future. Take that how you will but it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Above everything else (being the son of Hip hop royalty, blah, blah ,blah) the boy can rap, point blank. With every track that young Simmons puts out, the rookie rapper proves time and time again why his lyrical ability is more than worthy.

 'I Am He' is his latest track. Just press play.

Listen, breathe and dream of being 15 again.

Monday, 18 October 2010

I Heart Music- Curren$y Ft Fiend

I've heard nothing but good music from Curren$y (check the archive if you don't believe me) and his new track, 'Flying Iron' featuring Fiend comes as no exception.

The horns on this track are simply hypnotic, the juxtaposition of the cult classic 'Golgo 13-The Professional'  animation, works well with the 'real life' visuals  and as for Curren$y...yeah he's on point as always.

Listen, breathe and grab your sax.
Source: Creative Mind Control by way of Pinboardblog

I Heart Fashion: Lulu Kennedy Launches Lulu & Co

Fashion East director Lulu Kennedy has unveiled her latest fashion pursuit, Lulu & Co- a collection of limited addition collaborations with her fellow fashion east alliance. The eclectic range of designs have been reared by the finest emerging talents in fashion including, Holly Fulton, Louise Gray, Richard Nicoll and Gareth Pugh- designs of which can be seen on Kennedy's new collection of dresses.

The ten sumptuous dresses represent a decade of Kennedy's honourable initiative and the designs prolong the tribal print theme that have dominated the catwalk throughout Spring/Summer 2010, boldly re-introducing it to this seasons hot trends.
Click here to view more pictures.

Lulu & Co's collection will be available from1st November at

Yeah, I'll take the entire range. Thank you, please!


Culture Vulture: The Otolith Group Nominated For A Turner Prize

The duo filmakers who form the Otolith Group, Kudwo Eshun  and Anjalika Sagar are one of the nominees for this years annual Turner Prize Award.  The British born, half Ghanaian and Indian descendants are known for their abstract and unorthodox cinematic essays  which depict present day life in London and fantasises with the future of tomorrow in Mumbai.

Their vision has even stretched a far as outer space in their effort to challenge the banal notion of 'otherness', a commonality in the artistic exploration of non-Western culture. Also apart of the Black Audio Film Collective, the pair have recently completed their trilogy of films, 'Otolith' I, II and III.
You can be forgiven if you're a little unfamiliar with the Otolith Group, their work isn't something you can catch at your local Odeon Cinema but now that you've heard of them, visit their website to learn more.

Let's hope victory will be theirs at the Turner Prize ceremony!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I Heart Music: T.I Ft Chris Brown 'Get Back Up' (Audio)

On the same day that T.I. born Clifford Harris was sentenced to 11 months in jail, the rapper premièred his latest recording featuring Chris Brown, 'Get Back Up'. I'd be lying if I said I was the biggest T.I. fan but with C breezy on the chorus, the track itself has a mellow vibe that I've immediately warmed to.

The song even has a few words of wisdom from Tip, "When they push you down, you have to get back up"-I'm assuming that his sudden moment of clarity has much to do with his current grim situation. Or maybe that's just me?

Listen, breathe and press play.

I Heart Fashion: Levi's Curve ID

The denim architects at Levi's have recently launched the innovative 'Levi's Curves ID'. Fusing technology with some serious booty analysis-a process which included having to scan the curves of 60,000 women, Levi's have finally ended the old age angst of finding a pair of jeans that ACTUALLY FIT!

Like most women of colour, we often tend to have quite a round  rare end to the delight of many I'm sure, but to the frustration of thousands of women who like myself, dread having to shop for a pair of jeans that works for our curves instead of working against it.

Using a few step by step calculations to determine your personal ID and Levi's promises to find you the perfect pair of jeans for your figure. In the words of the denim genius' themselves "Don't blame yourself. Blame the jeans".

Adore with caution!

I Heart Fashion: NAAGIN' It

Fashion rebellion Aggyness Deynn has recently launched her very own online style magazine, NAAG. Along with  her fashionista accomplice, Fiona, NAAG offers exclusive inside scoop on the latest fashion trends, beauty tricks and the coolest cultural hotspots in New York.
I've thoroughly enjoyed my countless visits to the site and NAAG has fast become my fashion necessity.

Don't just take my word for it, click here to explore all the wonderful goodness the website has to offer.

Adore with caution!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Out And About: Writing For Haiti

With one of the worst devastations to effect the world in recent years, the fight for a better Haiti feels like a never ending battle. However; placing the world on their shoulders and the pen in their hands, the London Meet UP Group are set to publish a collection of poems and enchanting stories in their book entitled, 'A Lime Jewel, Anthology of poems and short stories.

Head of the project and an avid representative of the BlackLondoners, Nii Ayikwei Parkes has enlisted the help of international writers such as Nadifa Mohammed, Simon Murray and Geoffrey Philp (to name a few) to contribute materials for the inspirational book.

A Lime Jewel, an anthology of poetry and short stories in aid Haiti will be launched on the 26th October 2010 at Ty Crepe, 99 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1AA at 7pm.

Be sure to stop by and show your support for such an incredible project!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I Heart Music: Raekwon, Tyga, Diamond, Yelowolf, Wiz Khalifa freestyle cypher

And a few more...

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Explore international webcam videos.

I Heart Music: Kanye West, Pusher T, Big Sean,Diggy, Ice Cube, Rev Run Cyhi Da Prynce and Common Freestyle Cypher

The annual BET Awards 2010 took place this year in Atlanta's Boisfeuillet Jones Civic Centre, on the 2nd October. As always the BET freestyle cypher was jam packed with the hottest MC's along with a few veterans, out to prove their credibility. Watch the video's below for the full run down.

I'm not sure about you but Diggy and Big Sean are the two young bucks which stood out the most. Rev Run is simply a legend.

Thanks Mr Mark.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Out And About: KRS One At The HMV Forum, Kentish Town (Review)

The HMV Forum in Kentish Town smells of Mothballs, luckily for me, my nausea was short lived as it wasn't long until Hip hop historian, KRS One brought my senses back to life. I've been to a few hip hop shows but they all seem like mere imitations in comparison to KRS One's epic performance. 19 albums later and KRS is still the most credible rapper in hip hop history and on October 2nd 2010, he was more than happy to let Kentish Town know why.

Rapper, Maestro had the crowd warmed up nicely with some of what he had to offer, before 'the great entrance' but as the 45 year old rapper made his way to the stage, the crowd greeted him like a long lost cousin. With no gimmicks or games in mind, just a dj and mic; KRS One began to devour the Oxford Dictionary with his lyrical prowess.

Performing classics such as 'Sound Of The Police', 'Bridge Is Over' and MC's Act Like They Don't Know', there wasn't a single lyric that wasn't chanted by the over enthused crowd. More of a stimulant lecture on the journey of hip hop than your standard mic in the hand "throw your hands in the air" kind of gig ( although the audience were more than welcome to do so), KRS along with his lyrical accomplice, Supernatural transported their head bangin' disciples back to the 80's where the art form was at its peak. Supernatural's 20 minute freestyle and his Slick Rick, B.I.G and Busta Rhymes impersonation had the crowd very excited not to mention sweaty with energy.

 With a handful of "wheel an cum agen selector", cemented with a B-boy dance off, the night overall was as hip hop as hip hop gets. 21st Century rappers, take note.

Monday, 11 October 2010

I Heart Music: Drake Speaks On Working With 9th Wonder

I just spotted this little gem over at Pinboardblog. Taken from the documentary 'The Wonder Years', Drake elaborates on working with producer 9th wonder and why he wants to make music history with the legendary producer.

DRAKE SPEAKS ON 9TH WONDER from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

Listen, breathe and learn

I Heart Music: Raheem Davaughn

"Leave your lipstick print all over my body baby". Need I say more?

'Bedroom' is taken from Raheem's forth coming album "The Love And War Masterpiece"
Listen,breathe and turn your sexy on.

I Heart Fashion: YSL 'Ready To Wear' Collection

Fashion is the epitome of fantasy and a world where the creative genius has the freedom to bring to life the most obscure ideas and transform them into the most sought after possessions. Not completely shying away from this ethos but adapting it a little so that the fantasy is brought closer to our wardrobes; Yves Saint Laurent's Stefano Pilati has introduced his latest 'Ready To Wear' collection. Showcased at Paris fashion week last week, the collection fuses sharp yet elegant bespoke dresses and studio 54 inspired evening wear with the added finesse that is typical of label.

Have a look at some of their designs. Admire with caution!

Side note: I also spotted the ocean blue Palaise platforms suede pumps but in black, whilst gallivanting on Old Bond Street not so long ago. Needless to say they'll be on my Christmas wish list.

Thanks you, please!