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2010 is well and truly behind us, however take a look at the music, fashion and everything in-between that made it the memorable year (in my opinion of course) that it was. 

I Heart Music 2010:
 The ArchAndroid,Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae's album is spellbinding and her voice is nothing short of majestic. Having been one of the first people to witness Janelle perform live at her first London Show,back in 2009, I was instantly overthrown by her refreshing and enchanting sound. Journeying  the story  of Cindy Mayweather, Monae has created an album that is fearless and anti-oppressive-artistically inviting you to explore the unsurpassed imagination. Evoking the  same feeling  reminiscent of an old Walt Disney classic, Janelle has produced a stunning body of work, one of which has become apart of my daily, 7 am iTunes  ritual. 

You know what to do.

Black Milk, Album Of The Year (365)

Black Milk is one of my favourite producers and his self professed 'Album Of The Year' is a statement that lives up to it's hype. Above everything else, one thing that is quintessentially unique to his sound and something that is rare on Hip hop albums of the past decade (barring his previous and just as credible album  'Tronic'), is the raw usage of live instruments. Whether it's the Detroit influence or the J Dilla home schooling, Black Milk has managed to cultivate an unlikely partnership between pulsating drums,unfeigned   lyrical content (just look to tracks such as 'Distortion') with varying melodies- a common theme displayed throughout the album but notoriously recognised on the interludes. In short, AOTY is bold, confident and compelling.
The drums on ‘365’ are over and beyond!
Press play.

                               Drake,'Thank Me Later'

The best commercial Hip hop album of the year. That's all!

And so it continues.

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'

Epic. I really have nothing else to add.

I Heart Fashion Must Haves 2010:
Statement Lips

Absolutely my favourite fashion trend of 2010. Nothing can catapult a mediocre outfit into a   look worthy of a compliment like sophisticated lips drenched in audacious and haunting colours. Donned on nigh enough every female celebrity face, bold red lips was a definitive  feature on the run way at 2010's London Fashion Week. Your attire is never complete without a smile and what better way to dress it than with signature lips that allude confidence and epitomise timeless beauty.

Yves Saint Laurent, Palais Pumps

Ranging in black, ocean blue and grey, Yves Saint Laurent's Palais Pumps is undoubtedly the most exquisite pair of foot architecture (the word shoe just seems to undermine this work of art) that I've lusted after all year round. Silky to touch and hypnotizing to admire, these gems could make Cinderella toss her glass slipper in the bin.

Out And About Moment Of 2010:
Fashion's Night Out

With a free performance by Janelle Monae at the Gap, free champagne courtesy of Marks & Spencers, a group of champagne intoxicated friends  and the anticipation of the renowned 60's classic fashion label, Biba (that would soon launch it's concession in House Of Fraiser days later) looming in the air; the 8th of September 2010 was a great look in London. The day consisted of countless product launches, fashion shows and my personal favourite..Bargains!

What Are You Watching 2010
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

   Michael Cera plays an awkward teenage boy, Scott Pilgrim, who must defeat his girlfriend's seven vengeful ex's  in an effort to win her heart. The film is fitfully funny, stupidly entertaining and has just enough 90’s ‘game boy’  nostalgia for the kid inside, to crown Scott Pilgrim Vs World as one of my favourite films of 2010. 
"An epic of epic epicness" 


Visually insane and nail bitingly gripping. 
HAPPY 2011!!!                                                     

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